It’s a good day when you reach your Kickstarter goal more than halfway ahead of schedule!

I woke up today to the sweet smell of a dear client’s kickstarter reaching its target ahead of the finishing line.  Zikto’s Arki: Your Walking Coach has surpassed its initial target of $100,000 just 13 days after its  November 11 launch and with 27 days to go. By 6 am today, 490 backers had shown their support for the revolutionary new wearable technology, assuring its global release in Spring 2015. As observed by Zikto’s Product Manager, Brian Kim, “Based on backer information, we received pledges from 37 different countries proving its international appeal.”  Brian added, “The interest comes from Arki doing so much than our competition.Arki does not stop at counting  steps and measure sleep.” And in an industry known for wearables that may be functional but not fashionable, Arki has distinguished itself with its strong design and appealing wristbands.

So now what? Zikto is not stopping at 100K and  is looking at  a number of stretch goals for the Kickstarter campaign. Extended funding will allow Zikto to collaborate with a top wearable Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) that shall remain unamed for the moment,  to refine Arki’s already sleek and attractive design.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.46.07 AMA reminder that even though post-kickstarter, preorders for Arki will be available via Zikto’s website; backers are urged to take advantage of the special kickstarter pricing options as the price will increase once in retail.

Congratulations to the Zikto‘s team!

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